A Company Called ‘Blue Ivy’ Is Trying to Block Beyoncé from Trademarking Her Daughter’s Name

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One company stands behind the argument that Beyoncé shouldn’t have the right to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter,” her daughter’s name.

The company, also named Blue Ivy, filed papers to block Beyoncé’s company from getting the trademark after her mom filed an application earlier this year to own the name for a slew of products, including cosmetics, mobile devices, and more.

TMZ reports:

But according to the existing company — which was in biz 3 years before Jay Z and Beyonce’s kid was born — the Carters are trying to pull a fast one. Blue Ivy’s owner Veronica Morales points out Jay is on record as saying they have NO intention of actually selling any products … they’re just trying to stop others from doing it.

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