Jenelle Evans Is Feuding with Her Fiancé’s Sister

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jenelle evans

Jenelle Evans isn’t getting along with fiancé David Eason‘s family.

The Teen Mom 2 star was viciously dragged by Eason’s sister, Jessica, in a Facebook post for being a “spoiled brat,” “jealous AF,” and “crazy.” In the lengthy note, Evans was also accused of being a drug addict and marijuana while pregnant.

Teen Mom Talk Now reports:

Then we get into the meat of Jessica’s plot against Jenelle, saying, “Don’t publicize this talk or I’ll be expecting some $$… I have her maternity clothes from the picture of them in the boat. Selling it along with a couple other dresses of hers since she wants to act hard.”

Jenelle absolutely had a rebuttal to these statements, saying, “You got fired from New Hanover Hospital for larceny then your husband sells your only vehicle for a motorcycle when you guys have 5 kids. Your husband smokes crack. You two pop Xanax all day and lay around the house.”

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