WATCH: Harry Styles Dodges Awkward Questions About Ex-Girlfriend Kendall Jenner

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Harry Styles was pressed with questions about his ex in a conversation about Aaron Taylor Johnson‘s chickens.

Styles kicked off his week-long residency on The Late Late Show by resisting the urge to vocally comment on anything related to his ex, Kendall Jenner. Host James Corden was talking to Johnson about the chickens he owns, who are all named after members of the Kardashian family. Johnson started listing the names, but when it came to Kendall, Styles went straight into “take a sip of water and deflect” mode.


Johnson noted that the chickens “lay every day,” so Corden asked Styles, “Do they lay every day, Harry?” Another gulp ensued.


Before Styles was caught up in a Kardashian chicken discussion, he had a really hard time getting into the CBS lot. Watch how he figured out how to get in by watching the video below and watch his performance of “Sign of the Times” at the top of the page.