Amber Portwood Is ‘Stunned’ by the Negative Reaction to Her Sex Tape Offer

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Amber Portwood is ready to discuss her and her fiancé’s meeting with Steven Hirsch, the owner of a major porn production company earlier this month.

Hirsch has apparently asked Amber to be in his movies before, but she decided to finally talk to him while she was in town for MTV’s Movie and TV Awards. Portwood and Matt Baier, her fiancé, confirmed, “The meeting with Steven and Vivid was very professional and low key.”

Portwood also confirmed that she still hasn’t made up her mind as to whether she would accept a sex tape offer or not. “It’s in consideration. I still have not made up my mind. I am not strapped for cash. I have a nice house, a nice life. I have everything I need. But I’m a business person,” the Teen Mom star said.

Even though Portwood said that she would use the money for charitable causes, her fanbase isn’t convinced.

Teen Mom Talk Now reports:

Amber had this to say to her haters: “I’m really stunned at the reaction from my fans!! If you have anything negative to say stop following now!! The judgment is terrible and I can’t believe people would just make up their minds without even knowing details or what was said!”

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