Khloé Kardashian’s ‘Lazy Girl’ Guide to Exercise Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Even Khloé Kardashian needs a break once in a while.

The Revenge Body host, who was spotted returning home after visiting beau Tristan Thompson in Cleveland on Tuesday (May 30, 2017), recently took to her app to share her fitness tips for those who may not like going to the gym. Though Kardashian is a diehard fitness junkie, even she admittedly can’t be bothered to go HAM on the treadmill everyday.

For the the “lazy girl” in all of us, the 32-year-old says to start by swapping your office chair with a stability ball and doing some low-intensity steady state cardio — like walking — for 30 to 45 minutes daily.

“Since training at a slow, steady pace allows oxygen to be readily available to your body, it’s extremely efficient at burning fat. Try using a fitness tracker to maintain your pace,” she wrote.

“Don’t have an hour to clock at the gym? No sweat (literally). A strength-training mini workout goes a long way towards building muscle and burning calories,” she added. “Try using a resistance band for a quick and effective burn during TV commercial breaks or a marathon phone call.”

As for the “exercises” that require no movement at all, Kardashian swears by getting a good night’s sleep or standing on your head (when you’re awake, of course).

“Sleep loss not only affects the part of the brain responsible for decision-making, but also for motivation and cravings. When we don’t get enough sleep, we have an increased appetite and less willpower to resist those doughnut and pizza cravings,” she shared. “In other words, make sure to catch enough zzz’s to keep your diet in check.”

She continued, “Upside-down poses, also called inversions, have been practiced by yogis for centuries. Sending blood to the brain triggers the pituitary gland to release hormones known to keep your metabolism in check.”