What Selena Gomez Thinks of Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Selena Gomez Comes to Taylor Swift's Defense,
Here's what happens when you fail to show up with receipts.

Joe Alwyn, you’ve just won Selena Gomez‘s stamp of approval!

According to the “Bad Liar” singer, Taylor Swift‘s new boyfriend is already her good books. While appearing on SiriusXM Monday (June 5, 2017) to support her new single, SelGo dished about the beau her BFF supposedly has been dating “for months.” Though she didn’t necessarily mention the actor by name, the 24-year-old said she’s “super stoked” about the budding romance.

“Honestly, if my friends are happy, that makes me happy. That’s all I care about,” she explained after Tay was spotted enjoying a coffee date with the British hunk. “It’s been a good time.”

Selena also hinted at the possibility for a double date as she already hangs out with her own boyfriend, The Weeknd, “a lot” these days.

“I love being supportive. I love just being there and having someone’s back. It feels good,” she said of her relationship with the “Starboy” crooner. “I haven’t had that feeling in awhile.”

In another radio interview that day, Selena told Z100’s Elvis Duran she feels happy to be working again after taking a hiatus last year to focus on her mental health.

“I haven’t really been all over the place lately and that’s kind of intentional. I think it’s important to balance out where I am. I’ve been doing this for a really long time and my sanity has meant everything to me, and a lot of that is my faith,” she shared. “I took 90 days off. I went away. I was very vocal about it, because to me, where I get my confidence is my vulnerability. I can’t sit there and pretend that everything’s good because I’ve done that for years. It doesn’t really work for me.”