‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenize McKee Reignites Feud with Briana DeJesus

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There’s still bad blood between Mackenzie McKee and Briana DeJesus.

The two MTV stars reignited their feud when they recently exchanged heated words on Twitter. Everything started when Mckenzie liked a tweet from a fan asking for Briana’s removal from Teen Mom, which read, “Can we the fans protest to get [Briana] off the show?”

Needless to say, Briana wasn’t going to take the insult lying down.

Via Teen Mom Talk Now:

Briana immediately clamped on to Mackenzie and would not let go. She tweeted a screen cap, proving that Mackenzie liked the tweet and wrote, “Lmao @DouthitKenzie why?”

That was enough to make it clear that the bad blood between the two still hasn’t settled. Fans have some theories about why the two are still feuding.

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