Cops Called on Aaron Carter for Failing to Pay Walmart Bill

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aaron carter
CREDIT: Instagram @aaroncarter

Trouble seems to follow Aaron Carter these days.

Just hours before his DUI arrest, the singer was confronted by police officers when he failed to pay a bill at a Walmart Supercenter in Commerce, Ga. According to TMZ, the 29-year-old got into trouble with store employees when he couldn’t front the money for the repair of a flat tire on his Chevy Suburban. Fearing Aaron would drive way without paying, staffers called 911 as Aaron got in touch with his manager to resolve the issue.

Officers briefly exchanged words with Aaron — whose manager reportedly had canceled his cards after his wallet was recently stolen — before an onlooker offered to pay the $110 bill in exchange for an autograph and photo from the embattled crooner.

Though Aaron left the scene without incident, he was later arrested in the nearby town of Cornelia, Ga., under suspicion of driving under the influence and marijuana possession.