Kylie Jenner Leaks Her Own Busty Cleavage Photo After Snapchat Hack

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CREDIT: Twitter @kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner Strips Down and Bares Underboob in New Bikini Photo Shoot
Another day, another sexy photo shoot for Kylie Jenner...

Nudes? What nudes?

A hacker may have promised to leak explicit photos of Kylie Jenner when they got into her Snapchat this weekend, but the Life of Kylie star beat the troublemaker to the punch by sharing a racy shot of her own. Soon after her account was hacked, the 19-year-old posted a scantily-clad selfie on her own accord.

In the sexy snap Kylie shows off major cleavage in a lacy yellow bra as she strikes a pose in her bathroom. With her hair swept to the side, the lip kit queen sticks her right hand inside her black sweatpants.

She captioned the picture, which received more than 130,000 likes on Twitter in over 12 hours, with a simple yellow heart.

As reported, an internet troll recently slipped into Kylie’s Snapchat and threatened to post the alleged nudes found in the account. However, after teasing fans about the massive invasion of privacy, the hacker revealed there were actually nothing NSFW on her Snapchat.

“Jk she ain’t got nudes lol but [retweet] my pinned tweet I want clout,” the hacker wrote.

Womp womp. Why trust a troll when Kylie can deliver herself?