Mel B Throws Her Drink at Simon Cowell for Marriage Diss

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Hall hath no fury like a woman scorned. Simon Cowell learned this the hard way when he took a dig at fellow judge Mel B‘s ongoing marriage problems during a taping of America’s Got Talent.

The American Idol alum was met with boos and jeers when he referenced the Spice Girl’s a breakup¬†with estranged husband Stephen Belafonte. In response, Mel B freaked out and threw her drink at the no-nonsense Brit before storming off set.

Via TMZ:

Simon was critiquing a contestant when he began using a simile, comparing his performance to Mel B’s honeymoon … lots of anticipation, but no delivery.

That was all she wrote … Mel B smiled at first but apparently had to be coaxed back onstage a few minutes later.

Watch a video of the explosive fight over at TMZ…