‘New Girl’ Star Hannah Simone Dishes on “Emotional” Series Finale

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Hannah Simone‘s time on New Girlhas come to an end, but that doesn’t mean she’s no longer close with her castmates.

The actress, who plays model-turned-businesswoman Cece, tells Celebuzz! she’s still very much in constant contact with her co-stars. Though they’ve already wrapped production on the very last episode of the Fox comedy, the 37-year-old is staying connected to the gang by doing what all millennials do in this digital age: communicate through memes.
“They get a lot,” she confesses to us. “We’re all on a group text.”

Seeing so, it’s then no wonder that she’s partnered up with Straight Talk Wireless to promote its $55 Ultimate Unlimited Plan, which provides unlimited talk, text, and data to customers. According to Hannah, it’s really come in handy for keeping touch with her loved ones.

“That’s what I use my phone for. I just sit there and I text my friends memes. I want to know I can text my friends the 77th meme of the day and not get a crazy bill at the end of the month,” she says. “I’m super happy that they’ve come up with such a great solution because that’s what our generation is about — we live on our phones. And we shouldn’t have to sell our house just to have a phone.”

Still, that’s not to say Hannah doesn’t get a *little* teary-eyed when saying goodbye to her New Girl family. Between wrapping her seven-season arc and bidding farewell to the crew she’s worked with for almost seven years, she tells us she was an emotional wreck during the last day of filming.

“I woke up and I cried. Filmed the first scene and I cried. Filmed the second scene and I cried,” she reveals. “When it came to the last day, everybody was just so built up with emotions. It was an incredibly emotional day — on camera and off camera because we’re so used to hanging out with each other every single day for the better part of a decade.”

As for the final season itself, which will premiere on April 10, Hannah promises that it’ll be an “emotional goodbye” for viewers as well.

“I’m heartbroken, but I’m also really excited by the fact that we got the opportunity to make a final season and give everyone a proper send off for the fans,” she shares of the ending. “I know a lot of shows don’t get the opportunity to do that, so we all feel really lucky that we got to come back and do a final eight episodes so we could properly say goodbye.”

She adds, “There’s going to be tears.”