Corey Feldman Claims He Was Stabbed in the Stomach

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corey feldman hospital stabbed
CREDIT: Twitter @corey_feldman

Corey Feldman has been hospitalized after claiming he was attacked and stabbed by an unknown assailant.

The former child star claims he was stopped at a traffic light Tuesday, March 28, in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley with his bodyguard when three men approached the car. He says his security was distracted by the group while a car pulled beside them and another attacker jumped out, stabbed him, and fled the scene.
However, though the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating the matter, they say the 46-year-old actor did not show any signs of injury.
Via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us, although Feldman claims he was stabbed, there was no evidence of a laceration¬†… no cut to his abdomen. Cops tell us they don’t know if Corey suffered any other injuries, but there was nothing visible on his body. He was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.
Corey told the police the attacker appeared to be following him, and whatever the person allegedly stabbed him with was “long and sharp.”

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