15 Embarrassingly Awkward Celeb Prom Photos

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The best night of their lives? I'm gonna guess not...

Prom season is fast approaching, which means that the adults among us are reliving embarrassing stories of prom night “bliss.” It’s supposed to be the best night of your life — or at least, that’s what everyone tells you. In reality, prom usually ends up being… awkward.

There, I said it. It’s an awkward night. For everyone. Even these flawless celebrities (for whom I’m going to assume it was not the best night of their lives).


Celebrity Prom Pics Featured

Source: Swiftionary.Blogspot.com; latenightjimmy.tumblr.com; Twitter @RuPaul; Instagram @bethennyfrankel

Even Hollywood stars go to prom—and it's awkward for them, too.