Bella Thorne Shares First Bikini Wax Experience on Snapchat!

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There should be limits...even on Snapchat

Being a girl means being many things. Aside from waking up awesome and beautiful, we must constantly smell good, constantly be soft AF, and… constantly be hairless (with the exception of heads and eyebrows). It’s a tough job, no doubt, which is why it was given to girls.

Speaking of constantly being hairless, the ultimate rite of passage for many women is hitting the spa for a bikini wax and enduring the pain like a well-seasoned pro. It appears that actress and singer, Bella Thorne, has officially reached that rite of passage and wanted to share her experience with… everyone.

With a friend there holding her hand (and apparently, the camera), Bella shared her first bikini wax on Snapchat.

See how smoothly things went for the star