Cash Me on Stage: Danielle Bregoli Touring the Nation?!

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You might be able to catch this spunky teen on tour in a city near you

Well, well, well how bow dah?!

Danielle Bregoli could be making moves around the country soon as she plans for a nationwide tour. The fiesty and frank fourteen-year old has been making headlines since her appearance on an episode of Dr. Phil. Bregoli basically brought all her sass and attitude to daytime TV using her Youtube antics to both shock and entertain the audience.

Her popular catch phrase “Cash me outside, how bow dah” began a media sensation when she used it to respond to an audience member who dared comment on her brazen behavior towards her mother Barbara. Appearing in many memes and incorporated into the catch phrase hall of fame’s clear Danielle just might be┬ápacking the star power to take her show on the road.

Source: Instagram @bhadbhabie

Danielle could be coming to a stage near you...