Celebs Who Have Had “Lady Part” Surgery

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These girls had to get their lady parts in order

Modern medicine is truly a wonder; you can change almost everything about your appearance. In addition to the average implant surgery, you can become taller with limb-lengthening surgery, you don’t need contacts because you can change your eye color, and you can even implant hair where it doesn’t normally grow. You can also change your genitals if they aren’t satisfactory to you.

For women, there are two surgeries that are growing in popularity. First, vaginoplasty… the procedure that helps tighten the inside of the lady part, made for women who felt less tight after childbirth. Second… If you want to decrease the size of your labia lips, you can get them trimmed during a labiaplasty. These famous ladies decided that they needed a fresher look and feel down there, and this is what happened to them…

Credit: E!

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