Chelsea Houska Reveals the Secrets of Her Shocking 50 Pound Weight Loss!

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She looks totally different!

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of perks, but there’s also endless pressure from viewers and fans to look a certain way. Even though they’re reality stars, the cast members of Teen Mom have revealed that they often feel the need to look their best all the time. It’s no wonder that so many of them have turned to cosmetic surgery over the years.

But Chelsea Houska has gone the natural route when it comes to looking her best. Since the beginning of her Teen Mom stardom, she’s had two children… and she’s always managed to lose the pregnancy weight afterwards! Now she’s opening up with her secret of how she’s managed to lose fifty pounds over the years.

After Chelsea Houska gave birth to her second son, Watson, she was excited to start raising the newest member of her family. But she had gained more than just a son — she had also gained some noticeable pregnancy weight! Fans watched as Chelsea soon started to show off a leaner and more toned bod, losing the weight in a short while. Now she’s explaining how she managed to drop the pounds and keep them off.

Credit: MTV