Hookups, Fights, and a Marriage Proposal! Inside ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’

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Get ready!

The premiere of MTV’s hotly anticipated Jersey Shore revival, Jersey Shore Family Reunion, is right around the corner, and by all accounts the iconic reality show’s return to the airwaves isn’t going to disappoint. Every promo and teaser we’ve gotten so far has promised more of the crew’s classic hijinks, shenanigans, and fist-pumps in the upcoming season, and the newest release is no different. For any fans who were worried that their favorite party animals have mellowed out with age and family life, fear not. The newest trailer all but guarantees that our favorite New Jerseyans will be as dramatic, hilarious, and uninhibited as ever despite their ties to loved ones back home!

MTV’s newest trailer sees the cast crying, yelling, undressing, peeing in pools, and more! Are you ready to go back to the Shore?

Credit: MTV