Mariah Carey’s Secret Satanic Cult Exposed by Her Own Sister

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Alison Carey tells all about the singer's dark upbringing

Who knew there was a dark side to Mariah Carey? The 47-year-old singer is known for her diva antics and and shady behavior towards her enemies, but there also seems to be a chapter of her life that is the complete opposite of her glamorous lifestyle today.

According to the elusive chanteuse’s sister, Alison Carey, their mother was a member of a secret sect who raised her children to participate in cult-like rites. Not only does she say their family participated in “satanic rituals,” but she claims they were also exposed to “sexual activity and [animal] sacrifices” during the hair-raising worship.

Read on to hear her chilling account of their creepy childhood upbringing!

Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images