O.J. Simpson May Be a Free Man Once Again

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Will the Juice be on the loose?

It seems like the sting of the double homicide that took place in Brentwood, California back in the summer of 1994 is just as painful as it is now as it was then. Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman have been gone for over 20 years, yet people want their presumed killer to stay in prison until the day he dies, even though he wasn’t found to be responsible for their deaths. O.J. Simpson thought that if he could beat that crime, he could do whatever he wanted, but he found out that just wasn’t true the hard way. Now he’s fighting to get out of jail and be a free man yet again, but it seems like no one thinks he has the right to go free.

Credit: John MCCOY/Stringer/Getty Images

O.J. is ready to spend time with his family and take up sports