Reality Star Wanted for Involvement in Throwing Acid on Australian Models

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Someone's in trouble...

Being a reality television star has its perks. Invites to exclusive parties, exclusive windows of opportunities, plus, of course… money and notoriety. Reality stars like The Kardashians or any of the Teen Moms can tell you that being famous is great, but it comes with a huge spot light.

Said spot light comes with an enormous responsibility, which means… don’t do anything dumb. Or, in the case of one English reality star, don’t date anyone dumb. London based reality television star Ferne McCann is learning this lesson right now (as you read) because her boyfriend got into some major trouble early Monday (April 17th) morning. The incident is directing a lot of bad press her way, headlining her name with an event she wasn’t even around for.

Source: @FerneMcCann

What was he thinking?!